We all know this type of vaper. Why? Because we all started here.

This is the same person that seeks to quit smoking but isn’t fully educated on Vaping as an alternative. The same person that very well asks, “Is this better than smoking? Will I save money? How does it work?” This is one of the most important levels of vaping. This is the first step into a healthier alternative and also a person who seeks to succeed. These are the people you want to reach out to and educate.

As with many things in life, it takes some time to learn about vaping.

These vapers know a fair bit about vaporizers and their hardware choice is function over form.

After spending years trying to quit cigarettes, those who have finally won the battle and now proudly boast themselves as ex-smokers are famous for their strong distaste of traditional cigarettes. Smoking a cigarette within a mile of an ex-smoker will elicit a response, and they won’t be afraid to voice their opinion on how much they hate smoking. E-cigarettes could quite possibly be the greatest invention this group of people has ever known.

These people have a huge passion for vaping and will not settle for a basic device.

They’re a big fan of mods due to their customization abilities and have turned their love of vaping into a hobby by personalizing their device and sometimes even making them into an impressive work of art.
The enthusiast is a tinkerer who will always have a tool kit at hand containing everything from organic cotton balls to pliers and are forever ‘tinkering’ with their setup in order to get the best vape possible.

These are experienced vapers who are always keen to share their new found knowledge on vaporizers. They do a ton of research before making a new purchase, could recite all the basics in their sleep and are always on top of new technology and trends.

A mentor can turn a current smoker into a well educated vaper as quickly as he or she wants to learn.

Fashionistas are more concerned with how their device looks as opposed to how it performs. For example, all components of their device might match; including serial number, metal-type, and even drip tip. This is the same vaper that would get a very high-end mod not because it performs, but it is a thing of beauty that is appealing to a person by, price, rarity and color.

This vaper will often have accessories for their mods which often looks quite sleek.

If you walk into a room where a cloud chaser’s at, you may be mistaken for walking into a dense fog. These people love to blow clouds of vapor, the bigger and the denser the better! There’s even cloud chasing competitions for these people, where the objective is, you guessed it – who can blow the biggest clouds.
Cloud chasers are often found using powerful mods with VG heavy juice and the only way for them is the sub ohm way.

The Newcomer

The Ex-Smoker

The Enthusiast

The Mentor

The Fashionistas

The Cloud Chaser



Heating Element / Atomizer : An atomizer generally consists of a small heating element responsible for vaporizing e-liquid, as well as a wicking material that draws liquid in
Device/Battery : Portable devices contain a rechargeable battery, which tends to be the largest component of an electronic cigarette.
Eliquid : (tobacco alternative) : E-liquid, e-juice or simply "juice", refers to a liquid solution that when heated by an atomizer produces vapor. The main ingredients of e-liquids are usually a mix of propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerin (VG). Also mixed with concentrated or extracted flavorings; and optionally, a variable concentration of tobacco-derived nicotine.






Here at the Vacaville Vaporium we want to assist our customers and the general public in understanding the benefits of tobacco alternatives. It is our mission to offer a healthy alternatives to tobacco products. We proudly offer a huge range of products from beginner to advanced and everything in between to suit the needs of any customer that we serve.

According to the American Lung Association, nicotine replacement products, such as vaporizers and e-liquids, help alleviate withdrawal symptoms from nicotine. Just one year after quitting smoking, one’s risk for a heart attack drops sharply. Within 2 to 5 years, risk of stroke drops to that of a non-smoker. Within 5 years, the risk of mouth, throat, esophagus, and bladder cancer drop by half. After ten years smoke-free, the risk of lung cancer drops by half.

Remember: quitting smoking is tough, but it is the #1 action you can take today to improve your health and reduce your risk of serious health problems in the future. Visit us at The Vacaville Vaporium and we’ll show you how people across the world have quit smoking by switching to personal vaporizers.