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Here at the Vacaville Vaporium, we’re always striving to ensure we have the newest, most innovative and effective products available for you. The latest that vape technology has to offer; we offer to you. Here, you’ll find a variety of different hardware and accessories that you can select, because we like to give you as much choice as possible. When you know you have a list of options, you feel more confident about the likelihood of finding a vape mod that truly fits your needs. Once you decide on a vape device, make sure you check out our huge selection of E-Liquids. The Vacaville Vaporium has the largest selection of Vape E-Liquids in the Northbay! 

Our in-house vape gurus can guide you to making the best selection. Stop in today to find out more and see if we have exactly what you’ve been missing.

“They have a wonderful variety of juices, tanks and mods”

The staff is knowledgeable and always willing to answer any questions. As long as I live around Vacaville this will be our go to! The staff is awesome!

Starter Kits

Just getting started? Trying to quit smoking? We have the starter kits you need! Our vape mod starter kits come packed with everything you’d require for making the switch from smoking cigarettes to vaping.

Typically, our kits include a vaporizer mod and the tank to pour your e-liquid into, literally, everything you could need to get started just add batteries and juice! We even offer top of the line advice when you stop in, so you’ll feel confidently prepared about diving into the vape world. Together, we’ll get you set up in no time and have you feeling ready to take on the day with a vaporizer alongside you.

Mods, Sub Ohm tanks, and Rebuildable's

If you’re looking for a specific mod or aren’t in need of a full starter kit, we likely still have what you’re looking for. We offer vaporizer mods separately from our starter kits, in addition to various sub ohm tanks and rebuildable mods for the more tech-natured members of our community. Whatever type of device you like to tinker with, we might have the accessory or part you’ve been looking for to make it that much better!

Nic Salt Pod Systems and All In ONes

We offer a little bit of everything in the vape and CBD world here at the Vaporium! That includes nic salt pod systems and all-in-ones to make life even easier. Whether you want to vape for the ease of quitting cigarettes, the convenience of certain vape devices, or any reason in between, we’ve got the gear you need here.

Coils, Coils and More Coils!

That’s right – we’ve got coils. No matter the size or shape or your vaporizer, we’ve likely got the coil to fit inside of it. We can find out, too. Just give us a call or stop on by and we can double-check that we’ve got the exact coil you were looking for! 

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